Ethics and compliance

Transgene, in the conduct of its activities, aims to act with integrity and in full compliance with its regulatory and legal environment.

Transgene has set up a compliance program addressing business ethics, the protection of personal data and including specific tools, such as a whistleblowing system. 

The Internal Audit department of Institut Mérieux, Transgene’s parent company, contributes to the evaluation, continuous improvement, and integrity of Transgene’s compliance program.  




Transgene upholds the highest ethical standards of business integrity, and all our employees, partners and suppliers must observe the highest ethical standards defined by Transgene.

Code of Conduct

Transgene has established a Code of Conduct that all employees, directors, and business partners must observe. The Code of Conduct, sets out the general framework for the professional behavior in relation to customers, suppliers, the export of equipment, financial integrity, conflicts of interest, information technology system, etc.

 Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption Code

Transgene’s Anti-corruption and influence peddling Code sets out the rules that our employees must respect, in terms of gifts, signs of courtesy, hospitality or specific rules applicable to healthcare professionals, etc.

 Anti-Corruption Code

Supplier Code of Ethics

Transgene attaches great importance to ensuring that its partners share a set of common rules, practices, and principles with respect to business ethics and social responsibility. Therefore, Transgene requires its suppliers to respect the ethical principles presented in the Supplier Code of Ethics which defines principles such as: competitive tendering, equal opportunity in the tendering process, confidentiality, integrity and courtesy.

 Supplier Code of Ethics

Insider Trading Policy applicable to Transgene

As a company listed on the stock market, Transgene has adopted an Insider Trading Policy to specify the rules with which the employees and managers are required to comply to the extent that they may have access to Inside Information concerning Transgene. It aims both to inform about the applicable laws and regulations, and to put in place additional measures to prevent situations that could create the appearance of insider dealing.

 Insider Trading Policy applicable to Transgene (in French)




To ensure personal information is protected, we apply a strict privacy and security policy and raise awareness on this topic among all Transgene’s employees.


Transgene‘s personal data protection policy aims to inform the data subjects (customers, patients, suppliers and partners) what personal information is collected, how it is processed and retained.


 General Privacy and Personal Data Protection policy


Laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data give the right to individuals (called Data Subjects) to manage the personal data concerning them that has been collected by companies (called Data Controllers) in the course of their activities.


In accordance with applicable rules, the Data Subjects are entitled to exercise the following rights:


  • To be informed of the existence and purpose of all processing of their Personal Data;
  • To access their Personal Data, and to request rectification or deletion of their Personal Data, or the restricting of its processing;
  • To object to the processing as well as to request the portability of Personal Data;
  • To withdraw his/her consent given to Transgene at any time;
  • To rapidly inform the Group manager in charge of data protection of any loss or abuse (illegal processing) of his/her Personal Data.

As Data Controller, Transgene is required to process personal data as part of its activities. As such, Transgene understands the importance of guaranteeing the principles of privacy rights and thus of providing concrete answers and explanations to your requests to exercise your rights.


For any questions regarding Transgene’s Privacy Policy, please contact


In order to exercise your rights, we invite you to complete the following form and send it by email to the address:

or by post to the postal address,for the attention of the Compliance officer, Transgene, Parc d’Innovation, 400 Boulevard Gonthier d’Andernach, 67400 Illkirch Graffenstaden


Rights exercise form




Transgene has a zero-tolerance policy concerning unethical behavior, corrupt practices, influence peddling, fraud, misappropriation, theft, harassment, and discrimination.


If you are a witness or victim of a prejudicial situation, do not hesitate to complete a report via our reporting platform which guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of the exchanges.


Transgene provides employees and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers or anyone interacting with Transgene) with an alert system to report inappropriate behaviour that is contrary to the law, our values or the principles mentioned in our Code of Conduct and our Anti-corruption and influence peddling Code.

This online alert platform, secure and accessible from any Internet browser, is available continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at the following address:  


An alert can also be reported by post to the postal address, for the attention of the Compliance Officer, Transgene, Parc d’Innovation, 400 Boulevard Gonthier d’Andernach, 67400 Illkirch Graffenstaden.


To find out more about how the whistleblowing system works, please consult Transgene’s whistleblowing procedure (In French).