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Deliver chemotherapy directly in the tumor

TG6002 is an oncolytic virus that allows the production of a chemotherapy agent directly in the tumor.

It is based on the patented viral backbone (VVcop TK-RR-) behind Transgene’s Invir.IO™ platform and TG6002 has the FCU1 gene incorporated into its DNA. The expression of FCU1 in tumor cells enables the local conversion of 5-FC, administered orally, into 5-FU, a chemotherapeutic agent commonly used to treat certain cancers.

TG6002, when administered intravenously or via the hepatic artery, replicates selectively in tumor cells, resulting in the local production of 5-FU.

This specific mechanism of action allows for the targeted destruction of the tumor while stimulating the patient’s immune response locally. With its selective mechanism of action, TG6002 could offer a real alternative to chemotherapeutic agents, which due to their systemic administration, have many associated side effects.

Two Phase I/II clinical trials are enrolling patients in Europe.

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