VP Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 

Maud Brandely joined Transgene as Chief Medical Officer in March 2016. Maud Brandely was previously Director of Clinical Development at Pierre Fabre Oncologie until February 2016. She was responsible for all clinical trials from Phase I to Phase III. As such, she was involved in the successful registrations of Navelbine oral in breast cancer and NSCLC and vinflunine in transitional cell carcinoma of the urothelial tract. Prior to Pierre Fabre, Maud was Director of Taxotere clinical development at Rhone-Poulenc (RPR, now Sanofi) and was responsible for setting up global registration of clinical studies in both the US and Europe. As such she shared her time between Collegeville and Paris to oversee her US and European teams. Before RPR, she worked at Hoescht-Roussel-Uclaf (now Sanofi) and was involved in the development of cytokines (Il2, IFN) and cytotoxics. Maud is an MD and obtained a PhD in Immunology.