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TG4001 is a therapeutic vaccine

designed to express HPV-16 antigens

TG4001 is an innovative therapy capable of combating papillomavirus-induced cancers.

The concept behind TG4001 is to teach the immune system to recognise and destroy the cancer cells expressing HPV-16 antigens, specifically E6 and E7 antigens.

TG4001 is being evaluated in a Phase II study which aims to show superiority of the therapeutic cancer vaccine in combination with avelumab compared to avelumab alone in patients with HPV16-positive anogenital tumors without liver metastases.

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Ongoing clinical trial

IndicationClinical phase   
HPV-positive cancersPhase IITG4001 + avelumabMore information

Collaboration Agreement

Collaboration agreement with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, under which Transgene sponsors a Phase II study.

Promising clinical activity

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Promising activity in Phase Ib/II trial (HPV-positive cancers) presented at SITC 2020

Maud Brandely and Christophe le Tourneau comment on the results

Key results of the Phase Ib/II trial are:
• The combination of TG4001 and avelumab demonstrated a clinically relevant anti-tumor activity (23.5% objective response rate) in patients with previously treated recurrent and/or metastatic HPV-related cancers.
• Presence of liver metastases has a notable impact on outcome in terms of ORR and PFS. 34.8% of the patients without liver metastases responded to the treatment and a median progression-free of 5.6 months was achieved.
• HPV-specific T-cell responses were induced. They were associated with increased levels of immune cell infiltration in the tumors.
• TG4001 can be safely combined with an immune checkpoint inhibitor.
• Combination therapy results in changes in tumor microenvironment shifting immune status from “cold” to “hot”.
• Patient follow-up is still ongoing.
• Transgene is continuing the clinical development of TG4001 in a controlled randomized Phase II study.


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