Transgene is designing and developing next-generation immunotherapeutics against cancer

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Innovative technologies

Push the boundaries of immunotherapy

Transgene combines cutting-edge technologies, a multidisciplinary team and a prestigious international network.

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One patient, one cancer, one vaccine

With myvac®, Transgene enters the field of individualized immunotherapies with a unique virus-based immunotherapy platform.

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A new generation of products

These innovative multifunctional OVs are able to modulate the tumor micro-environment to better attack cancer.

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A therapeutic vaccine in Phase II

TG4001 targets HPV-induced anogenital cancers.

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Two therapeutic approaches

Transgene’s immunotherapies harness the mechanisms of the immune response to enable the patient’s body to fight against disease. 

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A pioneer in viral vectors engineering, we have one ambition: design innovative treatments in the fight against cancer.

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