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Multifunctional oncolytic viruses:

a new generation of products

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Our proprietary oncolytic virus (OV) platform Invir.IO® allows us to design a new generation of immunotherapy. These innovative multifunctional OVs are able to modulate the tumor micro-environment to better attack cancer.

Our patented technology can generate oncolytic viruses armed with anticancer weapons that combine several mechanisms of action. They activate the immune system, replicate within cancers causing cell lysis (breakdown), and can express their anticancer weapon into the tumor where it will be active.

To design these multifunctional viruses, Transgene capitalizes on its expertise in viral vector engineering and can also rely on collaborations. Our patented technology has already generated several drug candidates undergoing clinical and preclinical evaluation.

The first Invir.IO® oncolytic virus (BT-001) is armed with an anti-CTLA4 antibody; it is codeveloped with BioInvent and is being evaluated in a Phase I/II clinical trial.

Building on the patient results obtained with its technology, Transgene has launched TG6050, an oncolytic virus expressing interleukin 12 and an antiCTLA4 antibody. It is administered intravenously.