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BT-001 is the first oncolytic virus from Invir.IO™ and is optimized to act as a Trojan horse.

This novel immunotherapy approach has been designed to be highly targeted and is based on the patented viral backbone (VVcop TK-RR-). Two specific “weapons” have been integrated into the Vaccinia viral DNA: an anti-CTLA4 antibody, which was developed by BioInvent, and the cytokine GM-CSF, which triggers the body’s immune response.

Once injected into the tumor, BT-001 replicates in the cancer cells leading to their targeted destruction by oncolysis and generating local production of its two therapeutic weapons. The resulting anti-CTLA4 antibody produced in the tumor neutralizes the regulatory T-cells that inhibit the immune system, thereby activating the immune defenses within the tumor itself.

The destruction of cancer cells also triggers an immune cascade that will enable the body’s systemic immune system to fight the tumour and its metastases. BT-001, given its multiple modes of action, could be developed to combat many different types of cancers.

Phase I/IIa clinical trial is enrolling patients in France and in Belgium; it has been granted an IND by the US FDA.

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