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TG6002, multifunctional oncolytic virus

A new generation of multifunctional oncolytic virus, TG6002 has been designed to combine the mechanism of oncolysis (targeted destruction of the cancer cell) with the production of chemotherapy (5-FU), directly into the tumor.

TG6002 aims to attack solid tumors on multiple “fronts” while avoiding the side effects of chemotherapy.

This oncolytic virus allows the production of a chemotherapy agent directly in the tumor through the FCU1 gene. The expression of this gene in tumor cells allows the local conversion of orally administered 5-FC into 5-FU, a chemotherapy commonly used in the treatment of certain cancers.   
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Sale of the rights in China

Tasly Biopharmaceutical Group Co, Ltd. acquired research, development and commercialization rights of the technology of TG6002 (T601) for Greater China in 2018. >>read the press release

First promising results

Transgene is developing TG6002 for the treatment of several solid tumors, such as gastro-intestinal adenocarcinoma (stomach, pancreas and colon). Phase I interim results demonstrate that after IV infusion, TG6002 was detected in the tumor and induced the production of 5-FU. No major SAE have been observed.

  Poster presented at ESMO 2021 

Attacking the tumor on several fronts

TG6002 combines several mechanisms of action to:

  • directly and selectively destroy the cancer cells (oncolysis) by causing immunogenic cell death;
  • induce an immune response,, following the release of antigens during the oncolysis;
  • allow the production of chemotherapy (5-FU), directly in the tumor..

Ongoing clinical trials

Colorectal cancer – IV routePhase I/IIaMore information
Colorectal cancer – IHA routePhase I/IIMore information


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