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TG6050, an innovative oncolytic virus from the Invir.IO® platform,

armed oncolytic virus given by intravenous administration.

TG6050 has been engineered to express human IL-12, a cytokine that triggers a powerful antitumor immune response, and a full length anti-CTLA4 antibody.

 Discover how TG6050 works

A novel immunotherapy

TG6050 is based on a patented viral vector, designed to induce a strong immune response against the tumor. The virus has been optimized to selectively multiply in the tumor, where it will induce an immune response and lead to the production of powerful drugs (IL-12 and anti-CTLA4). The objective: to achieve high concentrations of these drugs only in the tumor, for improved efficacy and fewer side effects than those observed with the systemic administration of these drugs. TG6050 will be administered intravenously, an equally innovative mode of administration for an oncolytic virus. This route of administration makes it possible to target patients with disseminated disease with numerous metastases visible and invisible by medical imaging techniques.

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