techno Oncolytic viruses

Oncolytic viruses With its oncolytic viruses, Transgene attacks tumors on several fronts. Oncolytics selectively multiply in cancer cells (a process called cell lysis) and indirectly trigger the activation of the immune system against the tumor. Mechanism of action of oncolytic viruses   Transgene believes that oncolytic viruses, by integrating complimentary mechanisms ofaction, can become an… Continue reading techno Oncolytic viruses

techno Therapeutic Vaccines

Therapeutic Vaccines Therapeutic vaccines are active and targeted immunotherapeutics. They induce a cascade of immune reactions that lead to the production of T cells that will only destroy the targeted malignant cells. Mechanism of action of therapeutic vaccines    Clinical trials evaluating our products are ongoing. Their safety profile and first efficacy data make them… Continue reading techno Therapeutic Vaccines

techno invirio

Multifunctional oncolytic viruses: a new generation of products Our proprietary oncolytic virus (OV) platform Invir.IO® allows us to design a new generation of immunotherapy. These innovative multifunctional OVs are able to modulate the tumor micro-environment to better attack cancer.  Discover the concept of Invir.IO® Our patented technology can generate oncolytic viruses armed with anticancer weapons… Continue reading techno invirio

techno myvac

Individualized immunotherapy: One patient, one cancer, one vaccine With myvac®, Transgene enters the field of individualized immunotherapies with a unique virus-based immunotherapy platform.  myvac® video   Our approach is based on the Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) viral vector, which has already been validated in clinical trials. myvac® is designed to stimulate and educate the patient’s immune… Continue reading techno myvac